Devi Prasad Mishra

Devi Prasad Mishra

Poet, Story Teller and Film Maker Devi Prasad Mishra was born in a small village Harshpur in Pratapgarh, U.P.18 August, 1958.

His childhood and teenage were spent in Gwalior, Rewa and Allahabad.

A first divisioner all through, he graduated from Allahabad University.

He has been writing poetry for almost forty years and has been reluctant about bringing them in books. He is an author almost without a book having published only two poem books. Recently, Jitdhar kuchh nahin.

An incorrigible experimentalist, he was awarded Bharat Bhushan Smriti Samman, Sanskriti Samman and Sharad Billore Samman.

Illustrated Weekly of India chose him in 1993 as one of 13 Indians who made a definitive impact on national life.

All this because is his documentary on rebellious poet, Jyotsana, now no more,.

One of his documentaries got National Award for the best film on social issues.

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