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Delhi Poetry Festival, the premier, standalone, multilingual festival launched in January 2013, celebrates the poetic and cultural legacy of the historical city of Delhi. It also conveys the spirit of Delhi – vibrant, vivacious and inclusive.

Delhi Poetry Festival brings to you Delhi and Poetry in a capsule. Our content promises to be high on credibility and deep in meaning. It will be a congregation of poets, poetry lovers, thinkers, performers and change makers. The voices of Delhi and beyond.

Delhi Poetry Festival has a commitment to preserve culture by arresting its decline. We start in a small way but hope to take it ahead in a more extensive manner in the coming years.

Delhi Poetry Festival is relevant to people across age groups, genders and classes. This is to say that we have a dedicated platform for school children – who are the future custodians of our society and nation; we also have a special initiative for creative & aware women – SheScapes.

We are inclusive, open-minded, fearless and forthright. Just how a creative artist should be.

We have put together a festival bringing in all elements of creative arts and discussions that invoke thought.

Delhi Poetry festival is the labour of love, and we hope you will appreciate all that will unfold over these two days. We have put together engaging sessions, performances and discussions around poetry.

And we can’t wait to see you there.

I walk leisurely
through the alleys of Delhi
Driven by the winds
that whisper verses in my ears
The sun shines upon the city
lighting up its legacy –
of the ones who had been here
before me
Who wove verses and etched them in stone?
Who painted love with poesies
on the walls?
Who came here before me?
Who sprinkled words and
in the soil of my Delhi?
The soul of Delhi
The whole of Delhi
remains soaked
in love and poetry.

~ Dolly Singh
Founder & Festival Director
Delhi Poetry Festival

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